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The Chamber of Commerce Swiss South Africa (Chamber South Africa) is an association under Swiss law, independent and non-profit organisation, with the aim of developing trade and economic relations between Switzerland and South Africa. It has his office in Geneva, Switzerland

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President Chamber of Commerce Swiss Zambia


President Chamber of Commerce Swiss Cameroon

Dr. Gustave Ngueye

President Chamber of Commerce Swiss Congo

Roly Mpassi

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President Chamber of Commerce Swiss Rwanda

Alain-Claude Nkurunziza

President Chamber of Commerce Swiss Mauritania


President Chamber of Commerce Swiss Senegal


Why investing in South africa?

10 reasons why South Africa is an attractive destination

  • Quality infrastructure and efficient logistics
  • Largest presence of multinationals in Africa
  • Manufacturing Hub
  • Lucrative Emerging Market
  • Favourable market access to global market
  • Innovation and tech hub
  • Abundant natural Resources
  • Africa’s leading financial hub
  • Young Trainable Labour Workforce
  • Excellent Quality of Life

Key Sectors of investment

  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Goods
  • Clothing, textiles, leather and footwear
  • Automative and components
  • Digital economy and ICT
  • Agribusiness
  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Transport and industrial
  • Forestry
  • Metal

our services

  • Business Networking: provides a platform for Swiss and South African businesses to connect and establish mutually beneficial relationships.
  •  Business ServicesThe Chamber offers a range of business services, including market research, business matchmaking, and advice on trade regulations and procedures.
  •  Trade Missions: organizes trade missions to facilitate business interactions between Swiss and South African companies.
  •  Events and Conferences: The Chamber organizes events and conferences that provide valuable insights into the Swiss and South African markets, as well as networking opportunities.
  •  Advocacy: represents the interests of Swiss businesses in South Africa and advocates for policies that promote trade and investment between the two countries.
  •  Membership Benefits: offers a range of benefits to its members, including access to business contacts, discounts on events and services, and participation in trade missions and delegations.

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Our chamber's objective is to be the facilitator for all, through our different services we offer

Njabulo MENDLULA, President of Chamber Swiss South Africa


The Union of African Chambers of Commerce in Switzerland (UCCAS) results from the union of the Chambers of Commerce of various African countries in Switzerland


Membership benefits

  • Networking opportunities: Members can attend events, conferences, and seminars to connect with other professionals and businesses, exchange ideas, and build relationships.

  • Business advocacy: Chamber Swiss South Africa represent the interests of their members and work to  promote economic growth and development.

  • Business referrals: Providing a directory of their members to help them connect with potential customers or partners.

  • Access to resources and information: Members may have access to research, data, and other resources that can help them stay up-to-date on industry trends, regulations, and best practices.

  • Training and development: Offers of  training and professional development opportunities, such as workshops or mentorship programs, to help members improve their skills and knowledge.

  • Discounts and perks: Members may receive discounts on products and services offered by other members or partners of the chamber.

  • Promotion and visibility: Promotion of members through various channels, such as newsletters, social media, or press releases, to help raise their visibility and build their brand.

Membership categories

  • CHF 1,200/year for small businesses based in South Africa (<50 employees)
  • CHF 2,000/year for small businesses based in Switzerland (<50 employees)
  • CHF 2,000/year for medium-sized businesses in South Africa (<250 employees)
  • CHF 3,000/year for medium-sized Swiss companies (<250 employees)
  • CHF 5,000/year for large companies (more than 300 employees)
  • CHF 300.-/year Startup, entrepreneurs with employees between 1 and 3 employees.
  • CHF 1000.-/year for associations or non-profit organizations
  • CHF 150.-/year for individuals.

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